Testing is an important part of both photographer (or makeup artist / hair stylist) and model development. We encourage testing both on paid (model is paid by a photographer) & trade basis. When we book a model for a test shoot we will consider a trade arrangement (TFP or “time for photos”). The key is mutual consideration (benefit).

If interested in testing with one of our models we will ask if you have a budget for the shoot or we will quote our test rate. Remember, we are a business and always feel models should be compensated. If you are looking for a TFP test we will definitely consider it. However for any test (especially TFP) we will ask for the following information:

  • A copy of your mood board.

  • Your agreement test images will not be used commercially, for promotion or publication.

  • A call sheet or equivalent photoshoot details in writing.

  • An agreement on how many edited images will be provided to SEEN & estimated turnaround time.

  • Link to your current portfolio.

  • Your contact information.

  • Date / time / length of the photoshoot.

  • Shoot location.

  • Hair, makeup, fashion arrangements.

With this information we can quickly review & follow-up. We approve many test requests but occasionally we will politely decline.


Once we get your information we consider:

  • Appropriate mood board for the model. SEEN’s focus is on fashion & social media friendly beauty.

  • Professionalism, portfolio & experience of person making the testing request.

  • Travel time & any expenses on the agency or model.

  • Experience level of the requested model.


Things that warn us off:

  • Previous poor experience.

  • Unwilling to provide a call sheet & mood board.

  • Vague details regarding the photoshoot.

  • Unacceptable mood board or a number of images on social media that warn us off.

  • Boastful claims about exposure or portfolio.

  • Concerns that images may be used commercially.

  • Not allowing the model to bring a chaperone (required for all models under 18)

I know this may sound onerous or you might say “other agencies don’t require this”. OK, but we want to develop a solid & professional relationship with the creative community & make testing a mutually beneficial experience. All of the partners running SEEN Model Management have a photography business so we know from experience getting details such as this out in the open early is critical & makes for a pleasant testing experience.
Let's test!