Scammer, Spammers & General Jerks

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Social media is an amazing tool for a model. It allows you to get out there and be seen. It’s part of your marketing and can be fun. BUT, it also has well known downsides. It will bring out the scammers, spammers and jerks. This is true for everyone not just models. However, models (represented or independent) are often sought out because of: 1) your looks, 2) the “influencer” trend, 3) the need to “build or enhance your brand” to name just a few.

One of our models got such a scammer / spammer message today. An individual sending an IG message asking to book her. Then it quickly went to a request for measurements & photos. Then saying he was willing to teach modeling & will you come to an audition. Obviously, either a creep or someone trying to sell services. 

All models have their agency contact in their bio’s. A legit client will check the model’s bio, link to the agency and see photos & measurements. No need to ask the model directly to provide. Danger Will Robinson!!! Red flag city. 

In this situation, our model politely told the individual to contact her agency and then she disengaged. If you are represented you can allow your agent to deal with these types of queries. If independent it’s best to cut it off “right quick”. Don’t get into a debate. Don’t get into a back & forth. Don’t rehash it on your other social platforms. Just disengage.

IF you decide to respond to such a request (our advice….don’t) then simply send a link to your curated portfolio or a digital copy of your comp card. The problem is you will likely get a follow-up request for more photos. 

Other examples of spammers / scammers are people or companies promising to increase your social media engagement or numbers. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of social media (especially IG) is that numbers count. Therefore, there are people who say they can help you get those numbers. Of course, it’s always at a fee.  It’s best to avoid these get number quick schemes and simply build your brand and numbers organically.  Be yourself, put out good content and the numbers will grow naturally.

Bottom-line, social media is an important part to a model’s success and enjoyment. You just need to be alert and avoid the get rich quick type of schemes. Stay away from the scammers, spammers and those general jerks.