Be Discovered - The Submission Process for SEEN

SEEN Model Composition LR.jpg

SEEN Model Management, and of course, most model agencies welcome open submissions. This is one of several ways agencies find new and existing models. One way to "Be Discovered" is to use the agency's online submission tool if available.

Agencies have a process and needed information when you make a submission. Your chances of getting attention increases if you provide requested information EXACTLY. Secondly, don't fib or white lie. If you are 5'7", then don't say you are 5'9". Just don't do it. Also, all information and photos should be up to date. Don't send in photos from your junior year if you are a senior. 

SEEN uses open calls, scouting & of course, ONLINE submissions. We call online submissions "Be Discovered". Just head to the CONTACT tab on our website, and fill in the information requested. We welcome all submissions.

OK, but what does SEEN need? Actually, fairly standard information & photos. Go to the Contact page, click the Interest* drop down box, select "Be Discovered". We request:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Age
  • Height
  • Shoe size
  • Women - your measurements (bust / waist / hips)
  • Men - your measurements (neck size / sleeve length / chest / waist / pants inseam)
  • Any additional comments (i.e. tattoos, significant piercings, previous model experience, etc.)

Next, we need you to send several photos separately. You will be sending them to our Talent Director at  The photos needed are easy to take. We need:

  • Straight-on full body
  • Side profile full body or knees up
  • Straight-on headshot chest up

These photos should be current. Wear clothing that compliments your body. As an example a pair of form fitting jeans, and t-shirt. Women should keep their hair natural and prefered pulled back in a ponytail. Little to no makeup. Men should keep their look natural. This is not a fashion shoot. Also NO selfies, NO Snapchat filters, & NO professional photos. We want to see you before a stylist, hair or makeup artist works their magic. Cell phone photos are perfectly A-OK. If you want more info just Google "model agency digitals" for examples.

Again, send these photos to Also, if you have any questions or comments you can use the CONTACT for or reach out to us at

If we are interested in your submission we will email you back or request additional information. If not interested or if we don't have a spot on our boards then we may NOT follow-up. That's fairly standard for agencies.

If you are interested in checking out other agencies most have a similar online process. Again, follow the requirements closely to get the most attention.