ON CALL Division is HERE!

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SEEN Model Management has created something new! We have launched a new division. The new division is named “On Call”.

What is the On Call division you ask? The On Call division will represent FREELANCE models who want the benefit of agency representation but also want the flexibility of being freelance. The best of both worlds.

The concept is that models on our On Call division remain freelance but are also represented by SEEN Model Management. However, SEEN’s representation is ONLY when we book the freelance model for a job, place the model or during a casting. When not booked on a modeling job, cast or placed by SEEN they continue to operate as a freelance model. On jobs arranged by SEEN the model operates under a SEEN On Call contract.

How does On Call work?

An established freelance model signs an On Call contract. The contract gives the model complete flexibility to travel, arrange photoshoots, maintain a portfolio site or go to castings at their discretion as a freelance model. However, they are also on SEEN’s website, active in our social media, and treated equaling on castings, placement and booking opportunities. If they are booked for a job, cast or placed by SEEN, through SEEN’s website or through SEEN’s social media then the model operates under the On Call contract.

How does this help our clients and local market?

This gives clients who prefer to work through an agency access to a larger group of professional models. These models will be experienced, developed & operate under the professional terms of our On Call contract. The client will have the confidence of working with an agency represented model and have access to all of SEEN’s services.

How does this help the freelance model?

Occasionally freelance models don’t have access to castings or bookings opportunities unless they are with an agency or they want the professionalism associated with agency representation. They also get the benefit of getting visibility through our social media & website.

How does this help SEEN Model Management?

This expands access to professional models we didn’t have access to in the past.

It’s a classic win-win-win.

Are you a freelance model and want more information? Just reach out via our Contact tab or email our Talent Director at cgruber@seenmodel.com!