The Model Bag


You’re a model! You’ve been booked to a shoot! You have the mood board and the call sheet! Are you ready … almost. Now you need your model bag. EVERY MODEL NEEDS TO BRING A MODEL BAG to their photoshoot.

OK, so what’s a model bag and what should it contain? Good question.

A model bag is a large handbag, roll-a-board case, backpack, etc. that contains photoshoot day essentials and “just in case” items you may need during a photoshoot. Ask 10 different models, or 10 agencies, or read 10 articles and they will all give you different things you need to bring. However, you will find there are some common items a model should bring. This applies to both female AND male models. Here is what SEEN Model recommends for your model bag:

In Both Men & Women’s Bags

  • black jeans

  • black & white t-shirts

  • water

  • snacks / a book or magazine (wifi may not be available for you mobile device)

  • skin lotion

  • face wash / makeup wipe

  • razor

  • pen

  • hair brush

  • comp cards

  • phone charger or battery pack

  • clear deodorant

  • lint roller

  • fingernail clipper

  • a small pair of scissors

  • small sewing kit

In Women Only Bags

  • black slacks or tights

  • black & nude pumps

  • black & nude heels

  • hair bands

  • nude / black underwear / thong

  • nude / black strapless or convertible bras

  • small makeup kit

  • polish remover

  • straws (for drinking and not screwing up makeup)

  • tampons

Men’s Only Bags

  • Assortment of black shoes

That’s really all you need. OK, you can add other things you think you might might need, but this list should cover you. Simply put it together, put it in your car or in a closet and bring it to every photoshoot. Your creative team will love you!