Booking A Model

Booking a model whether freelance or agency represented is straightforward. If you have experience hiring a model or want to know SEEN Model’s approach skip to the end of this post.

An important note – professional models, both freelance or agency represented, expect to be paid for modeling.  Unless “Time For Print” is agreed with the model or agency the model will be paid.  There are exceptions (i.e. the agency has approved a test photoshoot or photoshoot for submission) but you should have a budget for the model.

OK, so you’re ready to book a model. If the model is freelance simply contact the model directly. Most often this is through their social media accounts or a website. Once contacted each model may have a different process they would like you to follow including how they would like to be paid and what information they need. Be respectful and follow it. Normally, all communications / discussions take place online via email, web-forms, DM, IM, etc.

Booking an agency-represented model is different. You book a model through the agency. This is one of the reasons a model signs with an agency. They want an agency to handle the basic business & booking transactions.

Most agencies ask that you NOT contact the model directly or negotiate the booking with the model. You will be working with an agency contact. Each model agency has different procedures for booking models, but it’s best to contact the agency first to learn their policies. Most model contracts have a clause stating all transactions must go through the agency. Therefore, if you reach out to the model directly it can get the model into hot water with their agency.  Don’t be that person.

Once you reach the agency they will ask specifics about the photoshoot, what model or models you are interested in booking, your budget, ask about the need for a casting, let you know who’s available, send you comp cards, etc. Simply follow the agency’s process. Remember, even if you have an established relationship be prepared to pay the agency. The agency will pay the model less commission expenses.

Similar to most agencies, SEEN Model Management requests that all bookings go through the agency.  This applies to paid and TFP requests. Even if you have worked with the model previously we ask that you go through the agency. Simply contact us at or contact You can also reach out to us via our Contact form, but the other 2 methods are preferable.

“But why can’t I reach out to the model directly” you ask? “Other agencies let us contact the model directly” or “I worked with the model previously before signed”. There are valid reasons you feel it’s important to contact the model directly. As photographers ourselves we understand the value of talking to the model directly. However, SEEN Model wants each experience working with our represented models to be excellent. By managing the process, we can deliver the services you need.

Our goal is to make working with SEEN Model Management’s models super easy. Reach out to us!